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March 8, 2021

Censorship with Russell Owens Host of Night Cap on Turf's Up Radio (Internet Radio)

Censorship with Russell Owens Host of Night Cap on Turf's Up Radio (Internet Radio)
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Was awesome having Russell Owens on the show.  Russell is on the radio on Turf's Up Radio at https://turfsupradio.com/
Russell has a Morning Show and Night Cap on Turf's Up Radio, the same station The Jose Show is on.
Russell and I were talking censorship and how we like to be the one's to decide what to sensor instead of others.

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To Contact Russell:
Turf's Up Radio: https://turfsupradio.com/
Both of Russell's Shows are live as well.
Night Cap is live on Turf's Up Radio 8-10 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday Through Friday
The Morning Show is live on Turf's Up Radio 8-9 am Monday Through Friday
Night Cap Podcast: https://turfsupradio.com/hosted_show/nightcap/
The Morning Show Podcast: https://turfsupradio.com/hosted_show/the-morning-show/

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