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April 18, 2022

Steel Will (Short Film) Interview with Director and main cast members!!

Steel Will (Short Film) Interview with Director and main cast members!!
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This was an awesome interview with Director Eugen Khazin who made the film short STEEL WILL! Well Eugene brought along the main cast of the film as well, what a surprise that was. So not only was Eugen there he brought Sean Ferguson, Oksana Platero, and Mark Heron. So if you like boxing or maybe the Rocky movies you are sure to love this film short about boxing. I don't want to give the plot away so its a secret. This film was well put together and very enjoyable.  The actors really made you feel you were a part of the film. I really enjoyed having them on my podcast, it was a real treat. Make sure you share this podcast episode with friends and family!

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