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Feb. 21, 2022

Netflix Swap Shop with Doug and Jen Seals

Netflix Swap Shop with Doug and Jen Seals
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I had a blast talking to Doug and Jen from the Netflix Show Swap Shop.  They have very unique items for sale all the time.  Imagine walking in and finding a monkey with big teeth.  Why not buy a mannequin, I bet you would like an arm or a leg?  Do you need a coffin with a ghost inside?  The have odd things for sure and I bet they have something for you!  Heck they may have a huge clown head, sounds creepy. Netflix has season 2 now of Swap Shop .

Collecting antiques can be fun.  Imagine seeing something from the civil war or even the turn of the century.  I myself love to collect old tins from companies that don't exist anymore.  Maybe you grew up with an old doll and lost it, you may find another just like it in an antique store.

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